Announcement for Sunset Cove

As I look back to April of 2017 when Heartland Purchased Sunset Cove apartments, it amazes me what our group of loyal contractors have been able to pull off. As with all remodels of this size there are always unknown. With the help of our architect, Iroquois Federal Savings Bank, City Inspectors, and Loyal Contractors we have overcome these hurdles in not one building but in each of the 7. Additionally I want to thank our tenants who have stood by us as we continued to make these improvements for all. We are certainly not completed yet, but well past the half way mark.

Special Needs Unit Available
Handicapped 2 bedroom unit available with larger doors, larger bathroom walk in tub, and many other updates now available. Great alternative to a nursing home!

Arbor Day Activities – Completion of 20 tree’s being planted on South Property Line between Sunset Cove and Schlarman Academy.

  • Building 7
    • Exterior Wrap – Nearing completion of exterior updates, stone work completed, and blue siding nearly completed. Ready to begin new dirt work on the front of building to get grass growing. New Gutters being installed around entry build outs
    • Interior Units – Will have both a level 1 unit 713 updated to include new heating and air system coming available sometime in July. This unit will also have our new signature bedroom closet design with full linen closet as you would normally see in a level 2 units. Ramshaw updated unit coming available with new heating and air system. Ground floor unit with our new signature double doored closet with full linen closet.
  • Building 6
    • Second Entryway Build out nearly completed. New Gutters being installed around entry build outs. New Mail Boxes will be added shortly. Exterior wrap has begun, with the first stone being applied this past week. Siding will be scheduled in the next few weeks after some rerunning of AC lines inside the walls. This update will include new sidewalks in the front as we have installed in front of building 7. This run of sidewalks will include the front of building 6, back side of building 5, and remaining rear of building 6.
  • Building 5
    • New Gutters being installed around entire building
  • Building 2
    • New Gutters being installed on new front entryway. Remaining sliding doors that were originally damaged in transit will be arriving in June for install.
  • Building 4
    • Remaining sliding doors that were originally damaged in transit will be arriving in June for install.
  • Building 1
    • New Entryways will be started once we are clear of the heavy rains, followed by roof build outs and fresh lighting as completed on building 3 & 5. By year end we anticipate this to be our 5th of 7 buildings to have the new completed exterior look.